In order to maintain the "Pureness of the German Race", Heinrich Himmler ordered mass-sterilisations of people who belonged to the so-called "Inferior Races". Prof. Dr. Carl Clauberg, a gynaecologist, and Dr. Horst Schumann carried out sterilisation experiments in block 10, Auschwitz I.

DDr. Josef Mengele used twins, handicapped and crippled prisoners to explore their specific genetic structure. He wanted to increase the reproduction of the German people.

Other SS-physicians experimented with new, often harmful medicines by infecting healthy prisoners and then testing these medicaments.

But KZ-inmates were even sold directly to pharma-firms for being experimented with. A letter of such a company which had "bought" 150 female prisoners, offers insight:
""The experiments have been carried out, all persons have died. We will shortly get in touch with you again because of further delivery."

Auschwitz prisoners were also used to complete anatomic collections. Thus, camp officials sent 115 selected imates to the Anatomic Institute in Strasburg, chaired by Prof. Dr. August Hirt, in order to kill them and complete the collection of skeletons.

Since the prisoners were exposed to the lack of food during a long time, their bodies didn't only lose weight, but also their inner organs diminished. This situation was used by Dr. Johann Kremer who was a specialist in the "Hunger research". He tried to get more informations about the "Braune Leberatropie" (liver shrinking). In order to study the course of the illness, Dr. Kremer asked the selected prisoners for details which were important for his "research". Then the victims were killed by a phenol injection and dissected.