Children who were transported to Auschwitz

From all occupied areas, children were deported to Auschwitz since 1942. Small kids were ususally killed immediately because they were too young to work. Mothers who held their babies in their arms were gassed together with the children. A child made a mother look like "unable to work". Also grandmothers who were with their grandchildren, were killed.

If the mother was seen as "able to work" she would be sent to the camp. Families could only stay together in the gypsy camp and the Theresienstadt family camp.

Boys, which survived the selection, were first assigned to work as masons at the building of the crematories in Birkenau. The food rations were not sufficient for such a hard work, thus the boys suffered from malnutrition. In 1943, when the works in Birkenau were finished, the boys of the "school of masons" were taken to Auschwitz I and, together with other children, killed by phenol injections.

Some kids were in the camp constantly, within the blocks and in the labour commandos, where they had to do assistant works. There were German Kapos who kept boys in order to satisfy their perverse sexual desires.

It was prohibited to drink water in the camp because of its contamination. Nevertheless, the thirsty children drank it and thus, were exposed to all diseases raging in the camp. As a consequence of the complete destruction of their little bodies it was often impossible to find out which illness had caused their death.

(Source: Lanbgein, Hermann: Menschen in Auschwitz) Lucie Adelsberger who was a prisoner's doctor describes the life of the children: