In 1929, Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler comprised the whole SS administrative machinery into a special SS-administration office which remained part of the "SS-Hauptamt" until April 1939. The "Allgemeine SS", the "SS-Verfügungstruppe" (military cadre troops for internal security), and the "Inspekteur der Wachverbände und Konzentrationslager" were subordinated to the "SS-Hauptamt".

Since February 1, 1934,Oswald Pohl was chief of the administration office. On June 1, 1935, the "Sicherheitshauptamt" (Department of Security) and the "Rasse- und Siedlungshauptamt" ("Department of Race and Settlement" ) also went under his control. The section of the SS-administration chiefs became an independent department within the "Reichsführung SS" on April 20, 1939 and was called "Hauptamt Verwaltung und Wirtschaft" ("Department for Administration and Economy"). The administrative director held the function as a chief of the "Hauptamt Haushalt und Bauen" ("Department Budget and Construction"),too. Because of constant misunderstandings, all these departments were officially united to the "SS-Wirtschafts- und Verwaltungshauptamt" (WVHA, "Office of Economic Policy) on February 1, 1942.

This new office worked on all agenda concerning the SS- administration, economic policy and construction. The WVHA, until the end of the war led by SS-Obergruppenführer Oswald Pohl, was subdivided into five departments:



Group A: Truppenverwaltung (troop administration)

Gruppenführer Frank

Group B:Truppenwirtschaft (troop household)

Gruppenführer G. Lörner

Group C: Bauwesen (construction management)

Obergruppenführer Dr. Kammler

Group D: Konzentrationslager (Concentration Camps)

Brigadeführer Glücks

Group E: Wirtschaftliche Unternehmungen (economic policy)

Obergruppenführer Pohl

The official groups included more and more offices and departments which were structured in "Hauptabteilungen" ("Main Departments") and departments, like the following oficial group D Concentration Camps:


- Office D I: Central Office
Obersturmbannführer Liebehenschel (since December 1,1943 Obersturmbannführer Rudolf Höß)
  • D I/1: Prisoners Affairs
  • D I/2: Communications, Camp Guards and Watchdogs
  • D I/3: Motoring
  • D I/4: Arms and Tools
  • DI/5: Training of the Troop