Vorwort von Simon Wiesenthal



Auschwitz has become synonymous for the biggest crime of all mankind and is well documented. Auschwitz is the site where the planned and organised genocide took place; its victims were not buried, but burnt and their ashes spread over the fields in the vicinity.

In Auschwitz, at least one and a half million innocent people of many nations died, 90 percent of them Jews. Human language is too poor to describe all those cruelties that the inmates - men, women and children - had to face and go through every day. They were not only killed in the most atrocious way, they also die from starvation, numberless human beings had to work hardest under unbelievable conditions until they died from exhaustion.

Four years of Auschwitz mean the realization of a deeply inhuman ideology which exterminated people by means of industrial methods after they had been selected according to "racial principles".

Today, the remains of the camp cannot give an overall insight into what happened there to hundreds thousands of people anymore. The young generations, who never had to face a German concentration camp, can hardly believe, and even less understand, what cruelties the Nazis committed in Auschwitz as well as in other similar places. They are unbelievable in their dimensions and brutality, but they happened!